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Call us for any questions

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We SMKGS provide all types of IT Solutions

We provide all types of IT Solutions including Development,Designing & Testing. We have a skilled & experienced team to fulfill all your requirements.

We believe in customer satisfaction & understanding customer's need,requirements and deliver the best

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Software Development

As you might expect of a company that began as a high-end interiors contractor, we pay strict attention.

Web Designing & Development

Our commitment to exceptional quality has never wavered. To day ranks as one of the most highly-regarded IT Company.

Testing & Automation

Interdisciplinary architectural studio with cultural, residential and commercial projects built worldwide.

Cross Platform Applications

Creating architectural and creative solutions to help people realize their vision and make them a reality.








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Akash Lakkadwala
Akash Lakkadwala
Director, LPS
Rockstar Neal
Rockstar Neal
International Singer & Performer
Rakesh Hankare
CEO Woolley
Anil Choudhary
Owner BCT Mumbai
Renee Calhoun
CEO Woolley
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Our Ability To Deliver Outstanding Results For Our Clients Starts With Our Team Of Smart Planing & Team Efforts.

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Shri Mahakal Groups & Services - SMKGS
Shri Mahakal Groups & Services - SMKGS

We've started this firm with a dream to provide many different services including Our Primary Company SMKGS with Transportation Services & Consultancy Services. In coming future you will get all services listed and active on our web portal aswell. Soon we are also coming up with a multi service app for IOS & Android. We provide all over globe with a client base of all major countries we have completed nearly 70+ Projects in software & website development combined and still counting... In case of any query please feel to reach us at out email -  

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What is PHP? How is it used? and Are there PHP Tutorials?
What is PHP? How is it used? and Are there PHP Tutorials?

What is PHP? How is it used? and Are there PHP Tutorials? PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. Yes, the first letter in the acronym stands for the whole acronym -- and that may be one of the most confounding things about the language. It’s considered a relatively easy one to master. PHP is a scripting language, especially designed to put up web sites. A common use is data retrieval from SQL databases. The language is also used to create charts and other graphics. A designer can, for example, create image links or power a thumbnail image gallery. PHP carries out common website duties like accepting passwords, authenticating users, and managing forum posts and guest books. Facebook integration is another common use. With PHP, you can even make a website that allows users to generate content – that includes users who don’t even know the basics of HTML! A major difference between PHP and traditional forms of HTML is that PHP is dynamic. It’s not an either-or proposition, however. The two languages are easily integrated. HTML code may be generated by PHP. Opting for PHP PHP may be compared to other scripting languages like Ruby or Perl (Learn about Perl) as well as to Microsoft’s ASP. You may find it much easier to learn than the PERL it was (in part) derived from. You may also find it easier to use. Your writing may be shorter, and you may find it less confounding to make sense of other's codes (and they yours). As a web designer, you’ll likely find that PHP gives you just what you need and no more. However, it does not have such wide application as PERL. Some designers prefer PHP over ASP because it’s open source and not licensed by a major corporation. It is extensible, and coders are encouraged to use it to develop new products. (There are some limitations, however, to using the PHP name.) PHP, moreover, is essentially platform independent, and a lot of web hosting companies are set up to allow you to use it to put up your site. (This isn’t necessarily the case with the other languages.) It is a server-sided language, though, and so some work-around may be necessary to combine it with Java. Are there any issues with using it to put up a website? You need to be aware of vulnerabilities -- yes, it can be cracked, and often has. History of the Language Originally (it is believed) the letters stood for Personal Home Page. The first work was done by Rasmus Lerdorf and dates back to about 1994. Lerdorf originally used it for his personal page – specifically to track visitors. Soon, a lot of additional functions were added. It took a few years, though, for it to become a language and not just a set of tools. The code was released in the mid-1990s. Israel’s Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski did a major overhaul in 1997 with the goal of using PHP to run an eCommerce site. Their version, termed PHP 3.0, had more of the features we expect and see today. The same duo later created Version 4.0. 2004 saw another major revision, PHP 5.0. Although there has not yet been a 6.0, there have been significant improvements since 5.0, including the removal of several things that had caused instability or potential security breaches. Learning PHP You generally begin learning PHP after you’ve got a foundation in HTML. You can find a manual on the site of It’s divided into clickable sections, organized for easy reference, for example, installation and configuration and language reference. The basic guide also includes security issues, which may differ depending on the type of installation (whether it is a module of Apache or a CGI binary). You can also find a PHP tutorial at W3Schools. Other sites include Zend Developer Zone and PHPBuddy. (There’s a little bit of humor in the Zend Developer Zone articles; you’ll find chapter titles like “Down the Rabbit Hole” and “The Bear Necessities”.) There are also resources specifically for females. PHP Women has forums on programming as well as forums on development conferences, job opportunities (and life in general). You can also opt for a book like PHP for Beginners or Learning PHP and MySQL.

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Software Development Company
Software Development Company

Software companies built & design websites and even develop apps for different types of operating systems and platforms. Basically If you want to develop a software  for your OS or application for mobile phones according to your requirement you can contact or visit any software company and get your software designed by them,They'll ask you for your requirement and OS on which you need your software compatible with.Some software agencies build corporate web-based systems to help enterprises automate processes, increase productivity, and facilitate workflow management. We 'SMKGS' develop Softwares, Web application, Android Application,IOS Applications & We also provide services like QA & Testing, We serve as a firm with a professional team of Developers,Designers & Tester. Our main aim is Quality & Client Relationship. In case you have any such requirements,Please feel free to contact us at our official email - We will be more than happy to help you. Regards !! SMKGS   

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